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Why Labor Day is important to me

Labor day is the day we celebrate the history of our occupations in our country. In many ways, labor is a reflection of the greatness of our country.

We have survived, and even flourished, during dramatic changes in our economy. We excelled when the U.S. transitioned from an agricultural based economy to a manufacturing one. We will also flourish as we move to a technical based economy. The resilience of our workforce to adjust and persevere, is what makes us exceptional.

The movement of rights in the workplace, has mirrored the expansion of our own Democratic values. History has shown countries that allow slavery, child-labor, forced labor, are also authoritarian and lack compassion for it’s citizens.

Make no mistake, we have much left work to be done to ensure everyone has an opportunity to achieve their full potential. We must ensure our daughters are paid the same as our sons. We must invest in public education. We know education is the best way to ensure the next generation has the same opportunities as the ones that came before us. We must demand that every citizen is allowed a fair shot at hiring regardless of sexual orientation, a safe workplace, the right to organize, and all the rights guaranteed under the constitution.

Today is a day to celebrate. It is also a day to reflect on what work is left to be done. But, in this great country, we will meet the challenge. We always have!

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