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I believe of the essential roles of our state government is to provide essential services to our citizen's that need it most. We have a moral obligation to provide services to our Seniors that allow them to realize the best quality of life as possible. Below is a link to the 2018 AARP report on Long Term Services and Supports(LTSS). I will summarize some of the key findings.

AARP Report on LTSS

“Oldest Old” (Ages 85+) Population Will Triple Between 2015 and 2050, the ages 85+ population is projected to more than triple, which has significant implications because this age group is the most likely to need LTSS to help with everyday tasks. Members of this age group are most likely to need help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, and toileting. Nearly one-third of this population has dementia. Members of this age group not only have higher rates of disability than younger people, but they are also more likely to live alone, without a spouse or other family member to provide them with assistance.

By 2030 this population in Indiana will increase by 33%
By 2050 this population in Indian will increase by 166%
The best policy of spending is to provide a "balance" of support. Provide Home Based and Community Based Services(H.C.B.S) as well as adequate funding in Institutional Services. Allowing Seniors to stay in their own homes, is not only the best for their quality of life, but it is much more financially prudent for our taxpayers. Examples of HCBS include: nutritional services, help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, and toileting, and support services for those with dementia.

AARP ranks Indiana #50 in providing that balance. Only 32% of our LTSS spending goes towards HCBS.

Indiana ranks #48 in the number of Seniors per 1000 that receive Home Delivered Meal Services

Not surprising Indiana ranks #6 in the amount of Seniors per 1000 that reside in Nursing Facilities.

Indiana also ranks #2 in the amount of Nursing facility beds per 1000 seniors

It is clear the priority of our State's spending for Seniors is Long Term Care facilities and not services that allow them to remain in their homes. The shocking that the disproportionate focus we give to not even going to the care or caregivers of our Seniors.

Despite all this spending on Nursing Facilities

Indiana only ranks 30th in Direct Care Nursing hours per resident

Indiana ranks 35th in Nursing Assistant Median Hourly Wage

We must address these issues for our State. This is not a partisan issue, it is a moral issue. We must elect leaders like me who have the backbone to stand up to the nursing home industry, and do what is right for our Seniors.

This is why I will support increasing our commitment to the CHOICE program that allows Seniors to stay at home with dignity and grace.


Our children's education is critical to their future and the future of Indiana.  Hamilton County has great public schools and I will fight to make sure that they are funded adequately.  I believe Pre-K should be expanded as an option in all Indiana school districts.  I believe teachers should be supported and that teaching should be encouraged as a career choice in our youth.


(Read More)


We must commit to protecting our valuable environmental  resources from water, air, and forests.  We must develop a long-term plan to address infrastructure needs to ensure Hoosiers have the highest environmental standards possible.

  • Enacting Legislation that protect our Public Lands
  • Enforce our Environmental standards to ensure Hoosiers have clean air and water
  • Allow and incentivize in renewable energy such as solar


It is time that our General Assembly protect the safety and health of our most vulnerable and these are the 3 things on Day One I would address:

  • Incorporate gun safety storage laws
    • Enact Duty to Report lost or stolen Firearms Law
  • Expand mental health services for our younger generation
    • Encourage our future mental health professions to serve our most vulnerable through state-funded loan forgiveness programs.
    • Raise our reimbursement rates to keep our providers in Indiana as well as expand our pool of eligible providers.
  • Tackle our high infant and maternal mortality rate
    • Healthy Moms equal Healthy Babies; making sure they have access to the health services they need.
    • Recruiting and Expanding our obstetrics workforce throughout the state so mothers can get the care they need when they need it.

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Another important part of this campaign is policies and ideas that move Indiana in conjunction with Carmel towards the future. Innovative ideas that will set us on par with our contemporaries and make Indiana a leader, not a follower. (Read More)


We must work to increase availability of healthcare services to our citizens.  We must work to increase reimbursement rates and address healthcare worker shortages.  We must also protect our most vulnerable and at risk Hoosiers from our seniors to our most precious resource: Our children. (Read More)


Indiana has failed to keep up with the rest of the nation in wage growth.  We must invest in career training, infrastructure, and education in order to attract and retain 21st Century jobs.  We must denounce divisive social issues which only serve to portray a negative image to the rest of the country and deter companies from relocating to Indiana.



Women's Issues

Indiana must do more to address the gender wage gap.  Women's small business development should be encouraged and promoted.  I believe women have a right to make decisions about their healthcare and their bodies.



Hate Crimes

Our state leaders have repeatedly failed to join 45 other states in passing hate crimes legislation.  It is past time for our laws to reflect the values of our citizens, and show the rest of the country that we will not be defined by fringe elements of our state that commit crimes of bigotry.  Hate Crimes legislation may not eliminate all biased crime, but it will send an unmistakable message about what is important. 

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