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I am a life-long Hoosier and grew up in Southern Indiana. My mom was a high school teacher and guidance counselor.  My father was an engineer for Cummins Engine Company.  My paternal Grandfather was a Baptist minister and my maternal Grandfather owned a farm while working in the automotive industry.  While growing up these varied influences allowed me to see the world from very different, but important, perspectives.


I am a 1992 graduate of Purdue University and worked for over 20 years in Hospitality Management and development.  For the past several years I have worked in healthcare management and as a private consultant for a hotel company.  My career has allowed me to see the balance that government must have in both providing for opportunity to citizens for a better life, and at the same time making sure that businesses have the atmosphere that allows them to flourish.  As I have advanced in my career many times I have seen these needs play out directly in front of me. 


I have been involved in politics since I has 11 years old when I was a statehouse page for State Representative Bill Beavers.  I have been involved in politics on the campaign side in several local elections and most notably in the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaign.  I was also a 2016 Democratic State Convention Delegate.  I was a volunteer mentor for the Hoosier Youth Challenge academy a program that mentors at risk youth and have worked as a substitute teacher in public schools. 


The most significant role I play is that of father to my 14-year-old daughter.  Her future and that of all Hoosiers is the reason that I am running for this office.  We are at a critical point in Indiana’s future.  We must not only address the problems that we are facing (opioid crisis, education, wage growth, infrastructure) but we also need to be proactive in setting policy for the future.  We need a legislature that addresses problems proactively, before they take a huge toll financially as well as in the lives of those affected. 


What are your concerns?  What are the things that concern you about the future?  Please contact me and together we can work for a bright future.

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